Teijin Automotive Technologies is the result of the union of five reputable companies: Continental Structural Plastics (CSP), Inapal Plsticos, Benet Automotive, CSP Victall, and Teijin Automotive Centre Europe (TACE). Based in Japan, Teijin is a pioneer in composite materials and solutions for the global mobility sector.

Teijin Automotive Technologies gains the ability to supply consistent materials and components to customers throughout North America, Europe, and Asia through this rebranding, a capability no other supplier can match. Teijin Automotive Technologies is now a recognized manufacturer of highly-engineered materials for dynamic market divisions. The new organization, which includes Teijin’s automotive composites team in Japan, spans a number of mobility-related industries, including the automotive, heavy truck, marine, and recreational vehicle segments. It is well-positioned to offer advanced materials solutions through its 29 strategically located manufacturing and technical centers. Teijin Automotive Technologies can offer distinctive solutions for the future generation of mobility by combining all the advantages of the previously independent businesses, the firm claimed in a statement to the media.

The merger creates a single organization with a global reach and 5,400 staff members who can combine top-tier material knowledge with cutting-edge engineering and design to produce solutions that make cars safer and more environmentally friendly. Teijin Automotive Technologies develops parts and systems that enable lighter, stronger, safer, and more energy-efficient automobiles by choosing the appropriate material for each application. The merger enhances the company’s capabilities as a vertically integrated, full-service provider that creates materials to fulfill current customer needs while also foreseeing those of the future.

Teijin Automotive Technologies is now involved in a number of research initiatives aimed at making its operations and products more environmentally friendly as an organization dedicated to sustainability and innovation. These consist of material recycling procedures, comprehensive life cycle assessments of composite materials, and evaluations of carbon footprints.

With the merger of these organizations, we are able to offer knowledge in a variety of materials, enabling us to create solutions that answer the most challenging design difficulties for our customers. As Teijin Automotive Technologies, we are now able to create novel materials, find sources for them when and where they are required, and offer the knowledge required to address the constantly evolving global mobility needs. Teijin is actively involved in a number of programs that promote its strong commitment to sustainability and the future of society. According to Steve Rooney, CEO of Teijin Automotive Technologies and general manager of Teijin Composites Business Unit, by identifying sources of CO2 emissions in our materials and processes, we will be able to reduce our environmental effect and set goals for long-term improvement.

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