Tuesday saw India’s first under 20,000 instances (18,795) in 201 days, bringing the nation’s COVID-19 total to 3,36,97,581, while the number of active cases fell to 2,92,206, the lowest in 192 days, according to the Union Health Ministry.

According to the ministry’s data updated at 8 am, a total of 18,795 new Covid cases were reported in a span of 24 hours, while the death toll from the viral disease increased to 4,47,373 with 179 additional fatalities, the lowest in 193 days.

On March 19, 154 people were reported dead each day.

The ministry reported that the number of active cases has decreased to 2,92,206, representing 0.87 percent of all cases, the lowest number since March 2020, and the national COVID-19 recovery rate has increased to 97.81 percent, the greatest level since March last year.

Within a 24-hour period, there was a drop of 7,414 cases in the active COVID-19 caseload.
For 93 days running, fewer than 50,000 instances per day have been documented throughout the nation, according to the ministry.
Additionally, 13,21,780 tests were performed on Monday to identify the virus, bringing the total number of such tests performed in the nation to 56,57,30,031.
A 1.42 percent daily positive rate was noted. For the past 29 days, it has been less than 3%.

The weekly positive rate was 1.88 percent, according to the data. According to the ministry, it has been below three percent for the past 95 days.

The total number of patients who have recovered from the illness has increased to 3,29,58,002, and the case fatality rate was 1.33 percent.

More than 87 crore vaccine doses have now been given in the nation as part of the widespread COVID-19 vaccination effort, with more than one crore doses given in a 24-hour period.

On August 7, 2020, India’s COVID-19 tally passed the 20-lakh barrier. On August 23, it passed the 30-lakh mark. On September 5, it passed the 40-lakh mark. On September 16, it passed the 50-lakh level.

On September 28, it passed the 60 lakh level, then the 70 lakh, then the 80 lakh, then the 90 lakh, then the 1 crore mark on October 11, November 20, and December 19.

On May 4 of this year, the nation passed the somber milestone of two crore Covid cases, and on June 23, it passed the three-crore level.

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