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What legacy does Prince Williams have? Is it coming in second place to the British throne? Is it his brief stint on the covers of numerous J-14 and People Sexiest Man Alive issues (and his subsequent absence from such publications as he turned thirty and disclosed he was genetically more similar to his Danvers carrot-like father than his gorgeous mother)? Or is it unintentionally popularizing a sex act that has previously been most strongly linked to a lighthearted superhero franchise?

When the hashtag #PrinceOfPegging began trending on Twitter last week, HRH’s legacy was virtually cemented. Based on a tip from DeuxMoi, an Instagram account that posts (totally unconfirmed) celebrity blind things, the hashtag was created. Last week, one of the blind stories focused on a British royal whose adulterous relationships are widely known in London and among the English aristocracy. This is how the blind item is written:

I learned the underlying cause of the affair at a recent media party: the royals’ fondness of pegging, which his wife is far too traditional to partake in. As long as things don’t turn emotional, as they did with the previous woman, the wife doesn’t mind her and actually prefers that her husband fulfill his sexual demands elsewhere.

Pegging, also known as coined by Dan Savage, is the act of putting on a strap-on and engaging in penetrative intercourse with another person. While this isn’t always the case, it typically refers to a heterosexual man being anally penetrated by a female partner. Due to increased cultural prominence brought on by shows like Broad City and films like Deadpool, the formerly stigmatized act is now more widely accepted among cis-hetero people. According to sex and intimacy therapist Ashley Manta, more heterosexual males are overcoming their shame-based prejudices towards receptive anal, while more heterosexual women are gaining empowerment from the representations of pegging they see in popular media. According to her, pegging will eventually cease to be considered taboo, just like a hand or blow job, as it becomes more and more commonplace.

The tip was seen by many royal observers as a reference to Prince William, whose marriage to Kate Middleton has generated a lot of buzz in recent years. That’s partly because of suspicions that William and Rose Hanbury, sometimes known as “the Marchioness of Cholmondeley,” had an adulterous affair (pronounced Chumley, for some reason). When Kate Middleton and Rose, who had been longtime friends, allegedly fell out in 2019, a (since-deleted) report in the British tabloid the Sun suggested that Williams’ alleged affair with Rose was one of the reasons. (In keeping with tradition, the palace chose to send out anonymous sources to deny the report rather than making any direct comments. In this case, one lie—the Daily Mail—is traveling the globe before the truth has even had a chance to remove its boots.)

Rose has subsequently been seen attending church with William and Kate after the article was published, and she was also captured on camera at Prince Philip’s burial service a few months ago, putting these rumors to rest, allegedly. However, rumors of Williams’ improper behavior have been circulating in the media for a while, and the DeuxMoi blind piece has done nothing but fuel these rumors.

Willie is aware of this rumor? Probably not. Is he self-aware enough to realize that, if true, it would be the thing about him that people would find most fascinating? Nope. And would he be content with the fact that he was unintentionally chosen as the spokesperson for a taboo sex act that heterosexual men are embracing more and more? Most likely not.

But if statistics from Google Trends for the phrase “pegging” is any indicator, that is exactly what has happened: as of last Thursday, searches for pegging had gone up 400 percent. Additionally, the cultural trends watchdog Pornhub Insights revealed in a blog post titled post that searches for pegging had increased by 318% in the United Kingdom alone, and that searches for strap-on had increased by 98%. The terms Femdom pegging, Pegging threesome, and pegging his ass were the three most frequently searched for. Salute to Britain.

On this week’s episode of Don’t Let This Flop, a podcast by Rolling Stones about internet news and culture, hosts Ej Dickson and Liz Garber-Paul (filling in for Brittany Spanos, who is on vacation this week) talk about Prince Williams’ alleged power bottom status, Nazi furries, Kevin Bacon’s new job as a TikTok sex icon, and the return of Bama Rush Tok.

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