A Leather Industry Authority should be established under the industries ministry to expand the industry and address its issues, according to speakers at a recent meeting in Bangladesh. According to a formal statement, the request was made at the Task Force’s fourth meeting on recommendations for the development of the leather industry and the formulation of an action plan at the ministry.

The meeting’s chairman, Industries Minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun, declared that Bangladesh should explore new international markets because the leather sector is significant. He exhorted leather business owners to step up efforts to grow their enterprise. He promised the required government backing.

At the meeting were also state minister for industries Kamal Ahmed Mojumder, environment, forest, and climate change minister Mohammad Shahab Uddin, commerce minister Tipu Munshi, and industries secretary Zakia Sultana.

He said that even if the tannery plants were moved from Hazaribagh to the unfinished leather industrial city, other components, such as the Central Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP), were still under construction.

In this case, certain tanneries have received environmental permission; nevertheless, the process of renewing that certification has been delayed, he claimed.

According to a news agency, he claimed that it is becoming more challenging to obtain an export registration certificate (ERC) as an exporter, an import registration certificate (IRC) as an importer, and clearance of a duty-free bond facility due to the delay in obtaining the renewal of environmental clearance.

We oppose closing the industrial city with tanneries. We have the necessary resources—raw materials, labor, and experience. The industries minister said, “Therefore, it is vital to swiftly renew environmental clearances, adopt CETP, apply current technology as well as correctly manage solid waste in the interest of smooth production operations of leather companies in the industrial city.

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