Metallica jammed backstage with actor Joseph Quinn, whose character Eddie Munson is the cause of the song’s increased popularity, before acknowledging the Stranger Things-fueled revival of their Master of Puppets during their Lollapalooza performance.

Quinn was present at the Chicago festival where Metallica and the actor were scheduled to meet up thanks to Netflix. I really enjoy Stranger Things. James Hetfield informed Quinn that they have been since Season One. It’s a bonding event for my kids and I.

Eddie Joe Quinn met Eddie Munson’s heroes, so this is for them. @Metallica!
Netflix July 29, 2022 (@netflix)

Hetfield also commended Quinn for doing the 1986 song’s guitar part justice after spending months mastering it. Quinn told the band that for two years, that’s all I listened to. I feel incredibly connected to all of you.

Prior to Metallica’s Thursday headline performance, Quinn was given the opportunity to play in the band’s practice space. The actor did a commendable job of keeping up with Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield’s twin-guitar attack. We have some exciting news to share: Metallica is now a five-piece, Lars Ulrich joked.

Then, Metallica sent Quinn a B.C. Rich guitar that mirrored the instrument his Eddie Munson character used to fight demons in a crucial episode of Stranger Things. Quinn was also given an all-access pass by Ulrich so he could see Metallica at any of their performances.

I’m now going crazy over @Metallica and Eddie Munson’s duet on Master of Puppets!
Netflix July 8, 2022 (@netflix)

It was fantastic! It’s not often that you have the chance to perform Master of Puppets with the greatest metal band of all time, Quinn later told Netflixs Tudum. For the grandchildren: a tale.

It’s unknown if Quinn also had the chance to speak with Friday’s featured artist, the Dua Lipa whom Eddie Munson reportedly adores.

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