Following the suspension of ticket sales for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in 2019, Formula One fans are outraged.
The renowned location frequently hosts F1 when it visits Britain, and it most recently hosted a race in July.

In 2023, during the 56th Grand Prix at Silverstone, British athletes Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris will return to compete on the historic course.
But because ticket sales were halted, organizers were forced to apologize to the audience.
The official Silverstone Twitter account attributed the troubles to “ongoing challenges” with their ticket source.
They appreciate the “frustrating experience” for fans, but say they hope to have things back up and running shortly.

MORE INFO IN F1 Their claim is as follows: “We’ve made the decision to halt the 2023 Formula 1 British Grand Prix ticket sales since we are well aware that many fans have encountered sporadic problems obtaining their tickets.

“We believe it is only fair to temporarily suspend sales and freeze all ticket prices until the problems with our ticketing service, Secutix, are rectified.
We sincerely apologize for the unpleasant experience many of you had today and appreciate your support during this difficult time.
Many supporters who had been agitated by the procedure did not appear to have calmed down as a result of the news.


Others now worry about having to start waiting all over again to get tickets. Some have complained about payments not processing and lengthy internet wait periods.

The cost of the event in general, with tickets subject to dynamic pricing, infuriated several fans.

This causes ticket prices to increase dependent on demand, and the intense competition for tickets to Silverstone the following year causes prices to climb more quickly than usual.

One F1 Twitter user claimed that the event had discouraged them from going again.
It was said: “The cost of tickets must be frozen, end of story. Your actions today are obscene.
I won’t be going to any more Silverstone events.

Another enraged racing fan tweeted: “Your organization is a complete joke. I’ve already paid for camping four times, so I’m compelled to try to do this tomorrow.

“I’m definitely considering cutting my losses and giving up. I usually attend your circuit to witness MotoGP, BSB (British Superbike), and BTCC (British Touring Car Championship), but never again.”

Someone wrote: “You’re out here pricing people out of their home country and telling them it’s cheaper to travel abroad while we’re literally in a COST OF LIVING CRISIS? It’s an IDEA.”

With a record 142,000 spectators, this year’s British Grand Prix sold out in the quickest time in the venue’s history.
Silverstone has hosted many notable races and significant events in recent years.

Fans were treated to a frantic race in July, which Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz won while Hamilton and other front-runners fought it out for podium spots right up to the very last lap.

MORE ON THE SUN TO READ The track served as the scene of an incredible high-speed collision between title contenders Hamilton and Max Verstappen a year prior.

And in 2020, one of Hamilton’s tires failed on the final lap, leaving the Mercedes driver hobbling to the finish line in heart-stopping moments, in front of empty grandstands owing to Covid.

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