Chris Rock once again made light of the iconic Oscars slap during his Friday night gig in Atlanta, proving that Will Smith’s video apology hasn’t deterred him from doing so.

Rock briefly rehashed the Slap at the Fox Theatre hours after Smith discussed his inappropriate conduct at the Academy Awards and apologized to the comedian for the first time on camera.

Rock claimed throughout his routine that everyone is trying to be a victim (via People). If everyone declares himself to be a victim, the actual victims won’t be heard. Even me receiving a punch from Suge Smith My kids and I went to work the following day.

(The term “Suge” alludes to former Death Row Records CEO Marion Suge Knight, who is presently behind bars on allegations of voluntary homicide.)
Added Rock Anyone who claims that words hurt has never received a hit to the face, he said.

Kevin Hart may have made the loudest statement about the incident when he gave Rock a goat (because Rock is the G.O.A.T.) named Will Smith at a recent Madison Square Garden performance. Although Rock hasn’t spoken in-depth about the Academy Awards incident, he has mentioned it in passing during his Ego Death World Tour.

After making a number of declarations and apologizing on social media, Smith spoke extensively about the Oscars slap that also resulted in a 10-year ban from the Academy on Friday.

Chris has responded to my message stating he is not yet ready to speak and will do so at a later time. So I’ll just say to you, Chris, I’m sorry, he said. I apologize for my behavior, and I’m available whenever you want to discuss.

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