Benny Andersson of ABBA and Elton John upped their TikTok transition game to perform a popular audio on the app that blends the former’s 1979 single Chiquitita and the latter’s 1973 smash Bennie and the Jets remotely in a live setting.

The piano instrumental from both songs is all that is used in the TikTok audio to flawlessly combine the Chiquitita and Bennie and the Jets. In the joint video, Andersson performs the song while sitting at his jet-black piano until the camera pans over to a pair of hands on a golden keyboard. John smiles and plays along as it pans up while wearing a customized bejeweled tracksuit.

I learned that @EltonJohn and Chiquitita were trending once more! #ABBA#pop#piano
Benny and Chiquitita reymifasol
I’d heard that Elton John and Chiquitita were back on fashion! The ABBA TikTok account’s caption says this.

What does it matter that Benny and the Jets liked ABBA? the June-uploaded original audio imagines. For all your wonderful summer transitions, the caption for the original video on TikTok read. Over 54,000 videos on the app have subsequently utilised the soundtrack.

On the app, Chiquitita Meets Bennie and the Jets has performed better than John’s own library, with Im Still Standing, his most popular official audio, coming in at 34,800 videos. However, ABBA is a sort of TikTok aristocracy.

Even though 39,000 videos have featured the original Chiquitita soundtrack, that number pales in comparison to the 117,800 that feature Dancing Queen, the 252,100 that feature Mamma Mia, and the staggering 431,800 that feature Gimme! Come on, come on! (A Man After Midnight).

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