To improve the sauna experience, Hologenix, the company behind the Celliant infrared responsive textiles used in many performance, recovery, and sleepwear brands, has teamed up with Sunlighten, a market leader in infrared saunas and portable light therapies. In the areas of photobiology, nanotechnology, sleep medicine, diabetes, and wound care, Celliant is put to the test.

To make the most of the available infrared, fabric laced with Celliant now covers Sunlightens infrared heaters in all of its sauna cabins. Additionally, Sunlighten is releasing its brand-new line of high-end cotton accessories that have been blended with Celliant for individuals who wish to increase the health advantages of infrared and/or experience a spa-like setting. According to a media statement from Hologenix, the dual-purpose fabric epitomizes plush performance and offers additional health benefits in addition to comfort, luxury, and usefulness both inside and outside the sauna.

The advantages of Sunlighten’s new Celliant-infused accessories are amplified by the infrared heat of their saunas. The Sauna Linen Collection includes a hand towel, bath towel, robe, and body wrap made of Celliant/cotton that are great for everyday usage or use in the sauna. Body heat is converted into full-spectrum infrared energy by Celliants’ natural, ethically derived minerals embedded into yarns, which then safely and naturally return the energy to the body. Healthy people who use Celliant are kept dry and at the ideal body temperature, which helps with local circulation and cell oxygenation. Stronger performance, quicker recovery, and better sleep are the results.

The sole manufacturer of saunas with branded accessories is Sunlightens, whose velvety, tightly woven line has a weighty 760 grams and a resort-like feel with spa-level elegance. Along with Solo System SoloPad covers, sauna throw pillow covers and cushion coverings will also be offered soon.

We at Sunlighten are always trying to innovate, and the addition of Celliant is one more step in the direction of improving and expanding our sauna experience. Customers of saunas who place a high value on making the most of their time and investment are drawn to these opulent accessories. Our Celliant-infused fabric replenishes the body by combining the heat of the sauna with the body’s own vitality. No other business has infrared that is more successful at ensuring that it penetrates the body and provides the full range of therapeutic advantages. The moment I learned about Celliant technology, says Aaron Zack, co-founder and CEO of Sunlighten, “I knew it was ideal for our saunas and accessories.”

For us, this relationship comes naturally. Utilizing both our Celliant infrared performance technology and Sunlighten infrared saunas, we can maximize health and wellness. According to Seth Casden, co-founder and CEO of Hologenix, the Celliant/cotton blend fabric is the ideal fusion of opulent comfort with our ground-breaking infrared technology.

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