The Sandman, a Netflix adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s renowned comic book series, stars Tom Sturridge in his dream role (oops).

The 10-part series, which is based on stories that appeared in DC comics between 1989 and 1996, tells the tale of Morpheus, also known as Dream, who reigns over the Dreaming, a mythical world that awaits each of us when we close our eyes and go to sleep.

The complete comic book series has 75 issues, the first of which was released this year and was based on the first eight chapters of the story, which started in 1916 with Dream being abruptly kidnapped and imprisoned for a century.

In order to restore order, Dream must travel across various universes and timeframes in order to correct the errors he created over his lengthy existence. His absence causes a chain of events that will forever alter both the dreaming and waking worlds.

The Sandman is one of the most popular Netflix episodes of the year, and Tom Sturridge says getting the part of the show’s main character wasn’t easy given that Gaiman had previously rejected all offers to adapt it for the screen.

He recalls, “The audition procedure was quite drawn out. “It started in February 2020 and was rather conventional. I applied for two or three jobs. The world altered after I had to board a plane and complete a screen test, obviously having a considerably greater influence on everyone than our casting procedure.

“The last step was what I can only refer to as an Oxford Sandman interview. It was me on a Zoom call with twelve different individuals who were all questioning me about the character, the plot, and the series’ goals in a way that an actor is never questioned about during an audition process. After this particularly eerie and terrible hour and a half of my life, Allan Heinberg called to congratulate me on getting the part. It was a remarkable time.”

In times of peace, accepting such a post would have been reason for celebration, but Tom decided that retiring to bed would be the best way to honor the occasion.

He claims, “I considered very carefully how I was going to dream that night. “Because I wanted to discover Morpheus and see if I could meet him in my dreams,” the author explains.

Although Tom was the ideal choice, even though Neil Gaiman had never heard of the narrative before, he and the production team ultimately decided after considering around 1500 actors for the starring role.

Tom admits, “The honest fact is I had no experience with the comics.” “I hadn’t read them, but I was aware of their cultural influence. Being a hold of one and reading it was the first thing I did before getting sucked into the narrative. Beyond the character audition, I simply adored Sandman as a work of literature.

“The audition grew more horrifying because I was so eager to perhaps join this realm, not because I was attempting to become him. I now have an obsession with Sandman. I feel as though I have read it from beginning to end multiple times at this point and that I am well acquainted with it.”

It’s a must-watch series for aficionados of comic books with a cast that includes David Thewlis, Stephen Fry, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Asim Chaudhry, Jenna Coleman, and Game of Thrones alumni Charles Dance and Gwendoline Christie playing a variety of bizarre and amazing characters.

Tom says, “The fantastic cast of people, animals, and gods that have been collected is what I admire so much about The Sandman. “Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, Robespierre, Marco Polo, Cain and Abel, Lucifer, and Johanna Constantine are just a few examples. All I want to do is witness these characters come to life while I’m in the same room as them. and the locations we go. The Dreaming is like a sophisticated, dark, terrifying, and magical version of Narnia, Middle Earth, and Hogwarts combined. For everyone to experience this universe, I can’t wait.”

The Sandman is currently accessible on Netflix.

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