Scaled for city living, propelled for the track, and spacious enough for a road trip with the family.

The Mercedes GLC 43 straddles the line between an SUV and a sports sedan. I was left wondering after driving the GLC 43 in its AMG trim if I would give up a third row in return for significantly more enjoyable driving.

Smith Carter


In person, the GLC 43 is smaller than I anticipated. However, the interior is larger than its actual size would imply, especially with the panoramic moon roof adding to the impression of space above. Two portable children’s beds may easily fit in the rear cargo area, which is very roomy and can accommodate all the necessities for a family of four traveling for three nights.

The AMG grille with its enormous star, the 20-inch Y-spoke wheels, and the dual exhausts make it evident that the GLC 43 has significant sports sedan DNA even though the size may be extremely practical. When you sit behind the aggressive AMG steering wheel with its large diameter and flattened lower part, the bucket seats embrace you.

It was enjoyable to experiment with various mood lighting for a lengthy trip thanks to the bespoke ambient lighting, which is similar to having the inside equipped with Hue bulbs.

Controls to choose between driving modes are located on the center console, along with a sizable touchscreen and touch pad. This vehicle feels almost as upscale as Benzes that cost two times as much thanks to the machined aluminum Burmester speakers and circular air vents. Inside the GLC 43, there is a general impression that size, comfort, and performance have all been balanced.


Although the size may be exactly what you require, the AMG GLC 43’s performance thankfully exceeds your expectations. 384 pound-feet of torque and 385 horsepower are produced by the 3.0L V6 Biturbo Engine. The AMG GLC 43 is a pleasure to drive when equipped with AMG Performance 4MATIC (4WD), Sport Suspension, and a truly telepathic 9-speed transmission. I drove it through the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the GLC 43 grips the steep corners like a rally vehicle, unlike a full-sized SUV which would body roll. And the AMG-enhanced brakes are powerful when the steep curves come.

The different drive modes are completely customizable. Consider the scenario where you would like to drive it in Sport Mode but not with the sporty exhaust. If you enjoy working with electronics, there is plenty of room here.

The GLC 43 was also more fuel-efficient than I anticipated, despite the AMG moniker. With zero-ethanol 93 octane, I was able to surpass the EPA’s highway mileage rating of 24 mpg. I wasn’t driving it carefully either.


Although I reside in a metropolis, I try to visit the mountains as much as I can. The GLC 43 would be the ideal choice if we could only have one automobile. There is lots of space inside, and it can easily fit into any parking garage or available street space. For a lengthy journey, it is reliable on the freeway, yet it is nimble on mountain routes. Additionally, it provides all the room you require without compromising the performance you genuinely desire.

Although the GLC 43 starts at $59,000, the one I tested had an MSRP of $71,685.

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