India added 179 more extremely wealthy people this year, lead by the Adani Groups, who accumulated a staggering wealth of Rs 3.65 trillion, or more than Rs 1,000 crore every day. As a result, the country now has more than 1,000 such people.

Geographically, five more cities are home to the super-rich, bringing the total to 119. These 1,007 people collectively acquired 51% more wealth in 2021. This year, when the coronavirus pandemic damaged thousands of people’s livelihoods, the average level of wealth climbed by 25%.

The Adani family comes in second with Rs 5.05 trillion, up 261 percent from Rs 1.40 trillion and making him also the second richest Asian, earning Rs 1,000 crore per day over the past year or Rs 3.65 trillion crore overall. The tenth Hurun India has topped it for the 10th year in a row with Rs 7.18 trillion wealth, only 9% up over 2020.


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