President Joe Biden has returned to seclusion after contracting the virus again almost ten days after initially testing positive for Covid-19 and days after being activated after testing negative.

People, I tested positive for COVID once more today, Biden tweeted Saturday. Only a tiny minority of people experience this. Despite the fact that I have no symptoms, I will separate myself for the sake of everyone else. I’m still at work, but I’ll shortly be going back on the road.

a speedy update
Biden, Joe (@POTUS) July 30, 2022

Dr. Kevin OConnor, the physician for the White House, said in a letter Saturday that Biden was one of the few Paxlovid patients who experienced a rebound positive response.

following a negative test The President tested positive on Tuesday night, Wednesday morning, Thursday morning, and Friday morning, according to OConnor.

The President continues to feel very well and has not experienced any recurrence of symptoms. Given this, there is no need to restart treatment at the moment, although we will undoubtedly keep a close eye on the patient.

Earlier, Biden commended Paxlovid and referred to it as a game-changer in the fight against “variant BA.”
When I tested positive for COVID, the doctor gave it to me, Biden tweeted earlier this week.
A game-changer in our battle against BA is paxlovid. My doctor gave it to me after I tested positive for COVID.

You can get these pills for free from tens of thousands of neighborhood drug stores around the nation, and the medication lowers the chance of hospitalization and death by nearly 90%.

Biden, Joe (@POTUS) July 28, 2022

Biden was returned to tight isolation despite not displaying any symptoms, with only required Secret Service and White House officials entering his (socially isolated) vicinity. Both the president’s visit to a manufacturing facility in Michigan on Tuesday and his planned reunion with the First Lady at his home in Wilmington, Delaware on Sunday have been postponed, the Associated Press reported.

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