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The Daily Crunch for October 6, 2021, is pleased to greet you. Today’s newsletter is jam-packed with information. Therefore, we won’t be making any jokes up top; just know that we have put out the agenda for TechCrunch Sessions: SaaS and it’s looking great. – Alex

THE TOP 3 US technology news stories STARTUPS/VC Today’s blog has a genuine deluge of startup tales, so instead of following our regular pattern, we’ll present the news in a few distinct sections. Enjoy!

Including all the details in your pitch deck Managing Editor Danny Crichton analyzed two decks, “one consumer and one enterprise,” with three VCs for the Pitch Deck Teardown at TechCrunch Disrupt:

Co-founder and managing partner of January Ventures, Maren Bannon Partner at the NEA, Vanessa Larco Ben Ling, the company’s founder and general partner, Danny chose four slides “that encouraged our panelists to highlight how VCs can have wildly different views on the same material” since only the best pitch decks will be given more time than a few minutes of attention.

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LARGE TECH INC In our extensive technology segment today, we begin with an automotive competition before delving into a plethora of stories on policies that are influencing the global technology sector.

GM intends to double revenue, take Tesla market share: According to TechCrunch, General Motors plans to double its revenues by 2030 and “take over the market share of EVs.” It goes without saying that Tesla will have an opinion on the latter objective, but it’s good to see the North American EV industry become more competitive. To do that, the company plans electric trucks, crossovers: GM announced during an event outlining its future EV ambitions that it would convert popular ICE vehicles to electric models, including electric trucks and crossovers. Lastly, PolicyCrunch

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Check out one of the reviews we got below!
Advisor: Appetiser Apps
Recommended by: subscribe here 0 founder Andre Eikmeier

Testimonial: “They have some high-quality products and a solid reputation all around the world. We also appreciated their adaptable business model, which allowed us to use our CTO to oversee a group of six developers from the Appetizer team, with sporadic UX/UI, product management, and project management as required. This was a true team effort rather than a transaction with a “black box” agency. As a result, rather than being dependent, we were able to develop competence internally at the same time. We were able to launch a first prototype of the product in three months because to our collaboration with them. We were able to simultaneously develop versions for iOS and Android.

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