We have reached the point where a former associate of a VC firm has created a cryptocurrency marketplace for “fantasy startup investing,” where users spend real money purchasing fake shares — in NFT form, of course — of real startups. This point was reached as a result of the memetization of ownership and the wild acceleration of private startup valuations.

Visionrare is a game that comes out of closed beta today. Its creators, Jacob Claerhout and Boris Gordts, see it as a way to take the gamification of investing to its most extreme point by emulating the appeal of fantasy sports leagues and giving users a way to compete with friends by betting on startups they believe will succeed. Users can compete to create the best performing fictitious portfolio by bidding on NFT shares of hundreds of different businesses at auction.

Y Combinator startups from some of the more recent classes make up the bulk of Visionrare’s database of companies at launch. Before you ask, the majority of the startups in which they are selling bogus shares do not consent for them to use their names or trademarks, but the creators are hoping that the platform’s game-like feel will deter such businesses from sending out stop

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