According to scientists, a fireball seen blazing through the skies above parts of the UK was indeed a meteor.

After the burning orb was sighted in the night sky across Scotland and Northern Ireland on Wednesday, the UK Meteor Network reported receiving over 800 reports.

To determine if the dazzling fireball was trash or space matter, scientists examined data and video footage provided by members of the public.
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They said that they are now 100% certain that the object, which lasted for more than 20 seconds, was a small fragment of an asteroid.

The Inner Hebrides’ Isle of Islay is the southernmost island, and according to the network, the meteor’s trajectory stopped over the North Atlantic Ocean, some 50 to 100 kilometers to the west of Isle of Islay.

It (the meteor) arrived on an asteroidal orbit and hit the atmosphere at 14.2 km/s, according to an updated tweet from the organization.
Over 300 kilometres of the trajectory were visible during that time.
The ocean is where any meteorites that did fall eventually ended up.

The network responded: “Probably none” when software developer Stuart Padley questioned whether or not the meteor would have created a crater and, if so, of what size. It was fairly compact.

Around 9 p.m. on Wednesday, reports of the blazing space matter began to arrive, mostly from Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Danny Nell, 21, observed the fireball while walking his dog in Johnstone, which is close to Glasgow.

Asteroid over UK

Strangely enough, it was exactly 10 o’clock at that moment when he noticed the flare in the sky and grabbed his phone to record it.

Because there was a lot of Scottish football on, I initially assumed it might be a firework. However, I immediately realized it wasn’t one, so I just grabbed my phone to see if I could capture it.

The fireball was observed by Steve Owens, an astronomer and scientific communicator at the Glasgow Science Centre.

It was wonderful, he said, according to the Good Morning Scotland show on BBC Radio Scotland. At precisely 10 o’clock yesterday night, I was seated in my living room when I noticed a dazzling fireball, or meteor, streaking across the sky to the south. I could see through broken clouds, so I knew it was something exceptional.

Highlands sky illuminated with spectacular spectacle
Although it wasn’t completely clear, I could see that it was fragmenting and splitting apart and that there were small pieces coming off of it.

A meteor or shooting star is typically merely a brief light streak that lasts for a very brief period of time. It was a really amazing sight to see this one run across the sky from directly south all the way across to the west for at least ten seconds, if not more.

Although it is extremely unlikely that it would have landed in Scotland, he acknowledged that it is feasible.

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