However, this does not necessarily spell the end for some of the other guys who aren’t involved because there were some players we wanted to keep on board this time. For instance, Marcus Rashford has recently displayed some positive traits. He is a guy we are familiar with, so if he can perform well over the next three weeks, he will undoubtedly be taken into account. Many of our players, notably Ben Chilwell, Harry Maguire, and Kalvin Phillips, are obviously not getting a lot of playing time with their club. Although it is not ideal, we believe they have been and may continue to be significant contributors for us. There is still a lot of football to be played before Qatar, even though the situation is not ideal. He has been playing nicely for a while with Eric Dier. He has earned the right to be selected back into the group since, in our opinion, it was a fairly close call among our center-backs. We are aware of his good moral character. He is culturally compatible, has extensive foreign experience, and possesses strong leadership skills. We have been keeping tabs on Ivan Toney for a very long time. Thomas Frank and I had a fantastic discussion about him last season. In comparison to some of the other players we may choose, his form and qualities—not just his goal-scoring prowess but also his technical proficiency, build-up play, and aerial prowess—give us a different danger. As an international manager, it is evident from the past few months that you don’t have any games to help you rapidly move past your disappointment. After a lengthy period of reflection, we are now eagerly anticipating two excellent games that will serve as both a significant test for us and an essential component of our World Cup preparation. Since we have just eight weeks till we name our team for Qatar, every second matters. Next week, the group will gather at St. Georges Park to start making plans for the two games.

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