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The Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert will go through a battery of exams after sustaining what seems to be a rib injury during Thursday night’s 2724 defeat to the Chiefs, according to NFL Networks Ian Rapoport.

After the game, Herbert reportedly had X-rays on his chest, which according to Rapoport are thought to have revealed nothing, according to Los Angeles coach Brandon Staley. However, as of Friday morning, there was still no clear indication of the severity of the injury, leading the Chargers to carry out more testing all day.

Here are a few crucial points: Rapoport cautioned on NFL Network on Friday morning that just because an X-ray shows negative, if that is the case, doesn’t mean the player is in the clear. As we’ve seen, rib cartilage problems can actually be more uncomfortable. We won’t know if there are internal injuries—which are undoubtedly the most terrifying—until he has a series of testing today.

With just over five minutes left, Herbert fought through obvious discomfort after receiving a blow to the midsection on a tackle by Chiefs defensive end Mike Danna. The 24-year-old quarterback returned to the field and completed the game after withdrawing to the bench for just one play.

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Herbert continued to be remarkably effective even after the injury looked to have occurred. In the final minutes, he attempted to pull Los Angeles back from a 10-point hole by tossing a late touchdown pass to wide receiver Joshua Palmer. Despite coming up just short, the third-year quarterback completed the game 33-of-48 for 334 yards, three touchdowns, and an interception.

After the defeat, Staley stated, “per NFL Networks Bridget Condon it was a rough game.” No quarterback in football at any level will ever play harder. Nobody else is capable of what he is.

Herbert may be able to play again in Week 3 when the Chargers have a few additional days off, depending on the extent of the injury. The next game for Los Angeles is against the Jaguars on September 25 at 4:05 p.m. ET, allowing the star quarterback some more time to recuperate before attempting to return to the field.

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