Who will be the Cavaliers’ starting small forward this season was a hot topic before the game. Would it be Caris LeVert or Isaac Okoro? Although both are capable athletes, they each offer something very different to the table.

But thus far in this young season, neither of these guys has emerged as the team’s most crucial small forward. Cedi Osman would be that.

Osman has always remained a bit mysterious. He occasionally had incredible talent in the years after LeBron James left Cleveland for the Lakers. However, he had a hard time being consistent.

Despite the tiny sample size, Cedi has shown early signs of being a six-man of the year candidate for Cleveland.

He scored 17 points in the season’s opening game. Only the first half saw 13 of those. In the absence of Darius Garland, he really stepped up.

In the second game against the Chicago Bulls, he displayed even more promise. He shot 63 percent from the field and scored 15 points while going 2-for-3 from beyond the arc.

Cedi might end up being this team’s most crucial small forward in the future. Coming off the bench and scoring the game-winning goal might really make a difference. Against the Bulls, he had a plus-41 /- difference.

Think about that. 41 /-.
This enabled the Cavaliers to defeat the Chicago club by 32 points, their highest margin of victory ever.

The success of this will depend on Cedi’s ability to maintain consistency. With Garland coming back, I don’t anticipate him to score 15 or 17 points every game like he has been. However, if Osman can maintain his 40% three-point shooting rate, this bench might rank among the best in the NBA.

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