The various technological advancements Infinity Ward made for the most immersive multiplayer experience yet were on display in Call of Duty: Next. All of this results from emergent gameplay, which Infinity Ward refers to as a variety of innovative design and technological advancements shared fluidly between titles in every aspect of your Call of Duty experience, from menu navigation to social features to brand-new modes of play. Whatever your playstyle, you can expect deep franchise connectivity between Modern Warfare II, Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, and Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile as a result of this gameplay convergence.

The release of Modern Warfare II on October 28 marks the start of a new era. Tomorrow’s Open Beta will mark the start of the sneak peek at the multiplayer features that will define an era.

Despite the fact that this is only a preview of the entire game, which will be released on October 28, today’s Call of Duty: Next event was heavily focused on multiplayer. In addition, Modern Warfare II has an amazing Campaign that you can start playing up to a week early if you preorder it digitally. We are also thrilled to announce that a robust Special Ops mode, the cooperative intelligence-gathering, action-packed cooperative experience that has come to be associated with Modern Warfare, as well as a brand-new Raids game mode, which involves strategic thinking, puzzle-solving, and most importantly, intense co-op combat action, launches this year as part For preliminary information on both game modes, read on. We can’t wait to tell you much more about Special Ops and Raids in the near future.

As you get set to get into the Open Beta starting tomorrow, here is a deeper look at some of the cutting-edge multiplayer features:
Swimming and underwater combat

Any Operator who entered Verdansk will tell you that accidently touching water is more dangerous to your health than even camping in the airport tower: If you fell into the water, you would die right away. Fortunately, every Operator in Modern Warfare II has taken swimming lessons, and Infinity Ward has made some amazing technology breakthroughs, including the new water-based warfare.

Today, action takes place above, on, and in water. The water physics in the Modern Warfare II game engine accurately depict the currents and rapids in rivers as well as the big, cresting waves in the oceans. Clean, muddy, filthy, or having trash bob and float on the surface of the water are all possibilities. Cars can be driven into or over water, producing a wake in their wake. Most significantly, you have access to a wide variety of innovative gameplay strategies.

Maps featuring water in the Open Beta demonstrate these improvements. You can hide in or withdraw into water as a means of stealth or escape. If you’re not traveling by boat, simply wade into the water like you normally would, and when the water is deep enough, change your posture or run while looking down to dive under. You may need to guide your aim when firing underwater with sidearms and specific equipment because the increased density will have an impact on your weapon’s projectile. If you’re looking for caches, some of them can be submerged and need swimming to reach. Reconsider the capabilities of each piece of gear, especially tactical ones, when you’re on or beneath the water. You’ll require entirely new tactics when attacking boats, combating foes below the water’s surface, or dodging (or deploying) explosive ordnance.

The aquatic improvements in Modern Warfare II are just a sample of what you may anticipate.

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