Chargers Austin Ekeler has no idea what hes in for.

During Matt Harmon and Austin Ekeler’s discussion on Yahoo’s Fantasy Football Forecast, a huge can of worms was uncorked. Ekeler made a comment on his stat line from Week 1’s game against the Raiders, acknowledged that he needed to play better, and even went so far as to say that fantasy football fans’ constructive feedback was welcome.

This probably won’t go well for Ekeler, as anyone who has spent even 30 seconds on any social media platform knows. If you have the stomach for it, it’s okay to respond to irate fans and engage in private conversation with them. But Austin has practically done nothing but stand in front of everyone and welcome them. Officially, the floodgates are open.

There will be other games where Ekeler doesn’t perform as well as he would have liked, so hopefully he is mentally prepared. While Ekeler’s Week 1 performance wasn’t very strong, Los Angeles prevailed. Against the Raiders, Austin gained 36 yards through the run and 36 via the pass. He sent the DM invite because he knows that 72 total yards won’t cut it in either the real world or the fantasy football world.

The Chargers (1-0) travel to Kansas City to play the Chiefs (1-0) in Week 2’s first game of Thursday Night Football. Divisional games are typically entertaining, but these groups might contend for the AFC West title the entire year. The Chargers have been predicted by some experts to win the division this year. The Broncos, who won the Super Bowl in 2015, were the last team to win this division without being the Chiefs. Six years in a row, the Chiefs have won this division.

Against the Chiefs, the Chargers will undoubtedly be counting on wide receiver Keenan Allen, a member of the Pro Bowl, to make a strong comeback. Ekelers’ dual-threat prowess will unquestionably need to be demonstrated in Kansas City on Thursday night.

We’ll soon find out the outcome of this open invitation to Ekelers. The fantasy football community will be pleased whether he plays well or poorly, win, lose, or tie. But things might get ugly if Ekeler has a bad game and misses the end zone for two straight games. He emphasized stopping people who spread negativity; nonetheless, it would be interesting to see if he can keep up with their pace.

Ekeler scored 12 touchdowns on the ground and an additional eight through grabs last season. Any player can become a fantasy darling with a 20-TD season, which is why Ekeler is such a highly sought-after draft pick in 2022. Ekeler achieved a career-high of 911 running yards in his breakout season of 21. Austin collected the second-most catches of his career—70—coming out of the backfield. Fantasy football players expect Ekeler to produce at least as much as last year.

If he doesn’t live up to their high expectations, they are now free to annoy him directly each week.

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