Following worries about the model Cara Delevingne’s recent erratic behavior and absence from events like the debut of her capsule collection with Karl Lagerfeld designers in New York, her friends have come together to support her.

Australian actress Margot Robbie, 32, was seen in pictures released by the Daily Mail appearing upset as she left her pal, 30, in West Hollywood at around 5 p.m. on Wednesday.

It’s unknown if the model was at home for the celebs’ visit; the Barbie actress appears to have been on her way to LAX airport.
Poppy Delevingne, Cara’s sister, was reportedly seen leaving the model’s home earlier that day at 11 a.m. in a black SUV.

Cannes 2022's best-dressed stars with Cara Delevingne's daring cut-out mesh gown

Cara admitted in an interview with Stylist Magazine that she was surprised to still be alive after turning 30.

I honestly didn’t think I’d be alive at this age, the model admitted. The 20s are f***ing hard, therefore I could not wait to turn 30.

Everyone is telling you that this is the best moment of your life, but in reality, you’re still a teenager even if you were meant to be an adult.

Cara’s family has reportedly expressed alarm about the model’s unpredictable behavior, and there are rumors that her inner circle is preparing an intervention following last week’s photo of the diva appearing disheveled and upset outside an airport.

The model has been absent from her number of events, including her own fashion launch

She has recently missed a number of events, including her fashion launch, and she did not attend this year’s Emmy Awards with her Only Murders in the Building co-stars.

“All of us are really worried. She has been burning the candle at both ends lately, and it’s definitely taking its toll, says one of Cara’s friends, reported as saying earlier this month . The matter has been escalating for a few weeks, and Cara’s family is engaged.”

Members of the British royalty, other models, and co-stars make up Cara’s close-knit inner group.
Before they starred together in the movie Suicide Squad, the model and Margot quickly become close.

Margot explained their first encounter to ET Canada as follows: “Would you like water, the waiter enquired? Champagne is available? God, I want some tequila, I prayed.

I had never met Cara before, and she was standing about five meters away from me when she asked, “Did someone say tequila?”
You and I are going to be best buddies, I thought.”
Since then, the friends have inked cheerful faces on each of their big toes in unison.

Having a good relationship with her older sister Poppy, Cara is grateful to her for raising her while their mother struggled with heroin addiction and mental illness.

Cara served as Poppy’s sole bridesmaid in 2014 when she wed James Cook.
Poppy is still close with her younger sister who lives in LA even though she currently resides in West Sussex.

Cara and Sienna quickly became friends when Sienna was living with Poppy

Cara got to know actress Sienna Miller, 40, through her sister Polly, who shared a New York apartment with the Anatomy of a Scandal actor.

Cara and Sienna have previously been seen cuddling up in a nightclub, and an insider who claims to know both of the stars told The Sun that the two have since been spotted together “have been close friends for a long time, and they enjoy having a wild time. It’s enjoyable.”

When they were both just 15 years old, Cara and her close friend Adwoa, 30, linked through their incredibly well-connected families.
In an interview, Calvin Klein model Adwoa stated that the two have complementary tattoos.
After a wild night out, I went to my neighborhood tattoo parlor with Cara and got a half-red heart tattoo.
The other half is painted on Cara’s hand. It stands for our deep friendship.
She is like my other half because we have been best friends since I was 15 years old.

Cara is close friends with socialite Lady Mary Charteris

The 35-year-old Lady Mary Charteris is good acquainted with both Delevingne sisters and shares their high society connections.
James Charteris, the Earl of Wemyss, is Lady Mary’s father, and Daphne Guinness, a socialite and fashion designer, is her aunt.

Mary and Cara have been spotted out together partying in the past, but the socialite is now clean and gave birth to her first kid last year.


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