GET OUR FREE WEEKLY LIFESTYLE EDIT NEWSLETTER TO STAY ON TOP OF THE TREND IN FASHION AND BEYOND GET OUR FREE WEEKLY LIFESTYLE EDIT NEWSLETTER TO STAY ON TOP OF THE TREND IN FASHION AND BEYOND After a string of poisonings that resulted in three fatalities in less than a week, cat owners in Heswall and Gayton on the Wirral are being encouraged to confine their animals inside.

The cats all died of antifreeze poisoning in the same way, in the Downham Road and Milner Lane neighborhood.

One devastated owner said, “Our cat simply showed the indications of eating something wrong: languid, loss of appetite, but instead of recovering from these symptoms, got less and less attentive.”

The vet couldn’t help because it was too late by the time we took action.

They advised: It could be wise to have your cat checked out by a veterinarian if they start exhibiting these symptoms while they are in this area.

Three cats in a matter of days is a bit excessive, they said, but we are unsure at this point whether it was an accident—a spillage—or something more sinister.

Most people are ignorant of the threat antifreeze poisoning poses to pets, according to the RSPCA.
Particularly in cats, even a tiny amount can result in kidney failure and death.
When cats consume antifreeze, symptoms can appear 30 minutes later, but it may take two or three days before kidney failure symptoms become apparent.
Throwing up, appearing melancholy or tired, acting intoxicated or uncoordinated, having seizures, and having trouble breathing are symptoms to watch out for.

According to the animal charity, antifreeze poisoning can result in pain, suffering, distress, and finally death if left untreated.

It further emphasizes that pet owners should never observe and wait and to call a veterinarian right once if they believe their animal has been poisoned.

Each year, pets are accidentally poisoned by antifreeze spills and leaks, as well as by water coolant seeping from cars, and with winter quickly approaching, it’s critical to be cautious with these dangerous compounds.

The RSPCA encourages pet owners to safely store, use, and dispose of the harmful materials as well as to frequently check their automobile to make sure it isn’t leaking water coolant.

The information follows a May survey finding that a quarter of pet owners prefer to see their pet after a long day than their partner.

Of the 2,000 pet owners surveyed, 73% said they thought of their pets as members of the family, with 40% even giving them a special space on the couch.

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